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Name:❝ ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ. ❞
Location:Stockholm, Sweden


❝ ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ ❞abbrev. Tellininen Laskenta (technical computation) | Her handle is infamous within the well-established hacker circles of Sweden, in particular. Some speculate she may use it for her legal name as well as an alias; if so, she's done an excellent job of keeping her personal files off the market. Most who aren't in business with her steer clear of ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ's online presence — they know how unpleasant she can be — their distance outdone only by those she encounters in real life. Despite occasionally having little regard for what is considered appropriate personal space, intellectually or otherwise, she is emotionally and vocally withdrawn to the point of reticence. ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ seems to play a puzzling psychological game of tug-o-war between asocial, mildly amiable, and violently antisocial behavior; she is typically curt, often derisive, and almost always careless for anyone's convenience or wishes but her own. As for what's really behind the behavioral extremes: no one knows, no one asks, and she's not telling. ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ is the type to do what she wants, exactly when and where she wants to do it, for no greater reason than because she wants to do it. Anyone who's tried to convince her to do otherwise has been left rueful, sometimes with a bruise or two, for making the effort. It could be because she has a tendency to systematically burrow into their thoughts and use what she learns against them. While it seems like much more than everyday intuition, she makes sure not to stick around long enough for folks to properly investigate. You could say, in this one instance, she can dish it but isn't particularly inclined to take it. She does have secrets, like most suspect (like everyone has), and she knows exactly how others would try to take advantage of them if they knew. ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ has a keen mind for probing and even keener survival instincts.

Not surprising for a telepath, really.


The Thing about telepathy is that there are actually several Things which make it sort of the worst possible power to have, no matter how you came to attain it or what use you can make of it. ᴛᴇᴋʟᴀ has never revealed to anyone exactly how and when this power manifested, if you're even cognizant of it: a) she likes her privacy, b) she likes her privacy, c) she likes her privacy, and d) fuck off. Mental claustrophobia, migraines, moments of near catatonic shock — none of this compares to being periodically unable to distinguish which thoughts are yours and which are everyone else's.

(—cannot believe he didn't— —I swear to god she has three seconds before I— —GET OUT—)

Some people think she's got about ten screws loose minimum, that she's already lost it. But they really have no clue. Despite how off-putting certain folks find her, several still try to tug at her triggers.

Truly fucking bad idea. You're not the one holding the weapon.


Strongly inspired by, but not an AU of, the "Millenium Series" by Stieg Larsson;
the X-Men series/Marvel; and a vast number of other superhuman genre influences.
Will, one day, keep Rooney Mara in my pocket, but at present I do not own her.
Or her work. Or her piercings. Now I'm all depressed.

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